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Here we will keep you informed about last news, events, and other stuff related to Licode and WebRTC.

Turn Support

- Lynckia

In the latest version of Chrome Turn support in PeerConnection objects is enabled. So from today we have included this feature in Licode.

You can use it including the Turn Server configuration in licode-config file:

config.erizoController.turnServer = {};
config.erizoController.turnServer.url = "turn:myTurnServerHost:443?transport=tcp";
config.erizoController.turnServer.username = "username";
config.erizoController.turnServer.password =  "pass";

This way all clients connected to Licode will include that Turn server in their PeerConnection configuration. We have made some test with rfc5766-turn-server and the results are really cool. You can start testing and tell us your impressions.

Thanks to Turn servers relay, Firefox compatibility and Chrome mobile for Android support, every day more types of web clients and in very different conditions of connectivity can connect to Licode services. And a very important part of this work is due to our community’s tests and feedback.

Thank you again.