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Licode's Blog 

Here we will keep you informed about last news, events, and other stuff related to Licode and WebRTC.

Licode now uses Discourse!

- Lynckia

We’re happy to announce we’re moving our forum to Using Google Groups as a mailing list is no longer working for us. While it has served us well in the years we’ve been here, we feel we have outlived it’s utility for us and we’re ready to move the discussion to greener (and newer) pastures.

Discourse provides a better way to engage in discussions and also its is ready to serve as a knowledge repository for Licode, something we’re lacking and want to correct. On top of all that, it’s an open source project and we love open source projects :). Bare with us as we figure out how to better use it, and feel free to posts your suggestions/feedback on the switch.

We’ve already moved all the content over there ( and all of the accounts.

To recover your account over at if you made one here:

  1. Go to
  2. Click login
  3. Introduce the email you used to register in Google Groups
  4. Click “I forgot my password”
  5. You should receive an activation link -> follow it and you should have your new account set up :)

See you in discourse!