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Here we will keep you informed about last news, events, and other stuff related to Licode and WebRTC.

New master branch, now with 100% more trickle

- Lynckia

We have just updated the master branch with the changes in trickle_ice. The most obvious new feature is the support of Trickle Ice. It will make the delay until you start receiving or sending media via Licode a lot smaller.

However, this has a drawback, this new implementation modifies the protocol used to communicate erizoController with erizoClients.

Basically, if you modified erizoClient, erizoJSController or erizoController you will find you have to work a little to merge the new changes, we promise it is worth it :)

As always, we created a new [release/tag] ( to the previous version so you guys can find easily the exact commit we made the change. Furthermore, the legacy branch also points to the previous state of master.

But enough about the past, let’s summarize the new additions:

Main new features:


We hope all of you switch to this branch as soon as possible and, as always, report your problems so we can keep fixing them. Thanks to everyone that contributed with code or reports!