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Here we will keep you informed about last news, events, and other stuff related to Licode and WebRTC.

Licode now supports Firefox

- Lynckia

Today we’ve finished the main tasks of making Licode compatible with Firefox.

Now users can access Licode rooms from stable versions of Chrome and Firefox. If you’re developing a solution with Licode and can’t wait to try this new functionality you have to pull the code from the “cleanup” branch.

There is still work to be done. For example, feedback compatibility and overall stabilization. So, please, don’t install it if you’re already providing a service using Licode.

As part of this work we’ve also switched the security mechanism from SDES to DTLS, and we’re making a partial refactorization of the transport and connection files in Erizo.

During the next weeks we’ll continue testing this new feature in several scenarios and we’ll let yu know when it is ready to use. And we’ll probably finish the very first version of the recording API very soon.

Stay tuned!