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Web Real Time Communications Solutions

In today's web systems and applications real-time communication is a key factor and a very atractive resource for the users. From Lynckia we are going to design an ad-hoc solution for your service according to its specific requirements. And this solution will be based on our main product Licode, leveraged by an Open Source community which is downloading and testing the software every day.

Licode  /  Open Source WebRTC Communications Platform

Licode is our main core software platform. It is an Open Source project that allows you to include real-time communications like streaming or videoconference in your web application in a very easy and fast way. If you want to know more about Licode don't doubt in visit its website!

Built on top of WebRTC

Licode is based on WebRTC technologies. It is 100% compatible with latest stable versions of Google Chrome. Your users will be able to talk from their web browsers with no need to installing anything.

Easy, fast and scalable.

Easy, fast and scalable.You don't need to care about complicated real-time infrastructures. Licode provides a fast development of real-time communications features based on HTML5. And we make it 100% scalable.

Videoconference, Streaming, Recording.

Licode allows you to include videoconference rooms on your web. But you can also implement streaming, recording and any other real-time multimedia features you dreamt of!

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Our Team

We are a team of engineers with more than ten years of experience in videoconference and real time systems. We designed services in multiple technologies during these years. Now, we are totally focused on web communications to offer the best solution to the requirements of your company.

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